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Traditionally, a patient would have to go to a special lab to complete a sleep test. At-home sleep tests consists of a small, easy-to-use device, reducing disruptions while you sleep. Each device has minimal sensors on it, which monitor your sleep while measuring specific vitals used to diagnosis Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and its severity by a board certified Sleep Physician. 

Benefits of At-Home Sleep Tests

  • At-home testing allows you to sleep at home in our own bed, giving you the best chance at a normal night’s sleep.

  • At-home tests are more convenient with your busy schedule. 

  • At-home tests cost much less than sleep testing in a lab.

  • It’s an ideal option for homebound or elderly patients who can’t visit a lab.

  • At-home tests can be picked up from our office and it's easy to set up!

  • Virtually no risk of exposure to virus and germs such as COVID-19.


Call us today at (360) 779-1566 for a complimentary consultation & Home Sleep Test!

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