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It’s easy to find teeth whitening kits that claim to remove discoloration, but most of the options available on store shelves are unpredictable, frustrating, and even painful. Dr.  Wonder has found the best teeth whitening treatment for her patients is almost always KoR Whitening!


The KoR Whitening system offers a unique and innovative solution that stands apart from the rest. This continuously refrigerated, high-potency gel is combined with a scientifically designed application system to deliver incredible results. After all, you only get one smile!


Teeth Whitening Prep

When you come to see us for your whitening needs, Dr. Wonder will first make sure that your mouth is healthy enough to support a successful whitening protocol. We will check to see that you are free from cavities and gum disease. If you do have any signs of decay or disease, you need to receive treatment for those problems before whitening can begin.

If you’re already a patient of Dr. Wonder’s and up-to-date on your exams and cleanings, great! If you’re not, Dr. Wonder can do an exam for you prior to your whitening or we can accept a referral from your current dentist. 

Once you’re cleared to begin a teeth whitening regimen with KoR, start brushing with Sensodyne or prescription fluoride toothpaste. Dr. Wonder can prescribe this for you. This is a simple proactive way to reduce existing sensitivity and protect your teeth from additional risk of sensitivity during the whitening process.

KoR Whitening Procedure

The KoR whitening procedure is the first to use an entire line of refrigerated whitening gels. From the moment the gels are manufactured until the time they’re used on your teeth, the KoR whitening gels are kept refrigerated to prevent unstable chemicals to degenerate and lose potency.

When you use the complete KoR whitening series and follow each technique and step as recommended, you’ll enjoy beautiful white results. Choose from KoR Home, Max, Ultra, or Ultra-T based upon your goals. Every kit begins with KoR Impressions and KoR Seal Tray fabrication, but the actual whitening routine becomes more intense with each protocol.

KoR Home and KoR Max are best for typical patients who need a standard whitening procedure to overcome the standard stains accumulated with age:

  1. 2 weeks at-home day or night with KoR whitening

  2. In-office KoR whitening (KoR Max Only)

  3. Periodic maintenance to maintain permanent results

KoR Ultra, meanwhile, is best for difficult cases that need more powerful whitening results. It supercharges the whitening with a few extra steps:

  1. KoR Jumpstart in-office conditioning

  2. 3-4 weeks at-home nighttime KoR whitening

  3. In-Office KoR whitening

  4. Periodic maintenance for permanent results


KoR Ultra-T protocol is the only whitening system capable of removing stubborn, deep-set tetracycline stains thanks to this aggressive treatment:

  1. KoR Jumpstart in-office conditioning

  2. 6-8 weeks at-home nighttime KoR whitening

  3. In-office KoR whitening

  4. Periodic maintenance


These protocols are designed to provide the world’s most effective whitening system with no need for lights or lasers.


Why is KoR Better Than Zoom?

KoR addresses the underlying issue with other whitening systems like Zoom. Accordingly to Clinical Research Associates (CRA), whitening trays like Zoom only remain significantly active for 25-35 minutes due to contamination and dilution from saliva. In fact, saliva can destroy 29mg of peroxide per minute with the antioxidant enzyme peroxidase.

KoR combats this issue and protects the power of its whitening gel with KoR-Seal™ trays designed specifically to seal the whitening trays against saliva and other fluids. This gives the KoR system 6 to 10 hours of whitening activity, compared to just 25-35 minutes with traditional whitening systems!

As the KoR gel goes to work, it cleans the debris between and within enamel prisms, effectively rejuvenating enamel back to its youthful white hue. Best of all, it does this without creating the painful sensitivity “zings” caused by other systems like Zoom. KoR uses desensitizers that plug the pores of tooth enamel during whitening to stop sensations of sensitivity before they begin.

Overall, the KoR whitening system offers revolutionary results that are consistent, predictable, and easy to maintain. No other system can rejuvenate and restore teeth by absorbing the bleaching agents so effectively! Call us at (360) 779-1566 to make your first appointment with Dr. Wonder today and begin the ultimate whitening treatment to transform your smile.

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