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Katherine Lopez - Patient Care Coordinator

Katherine just started working in the Dental field after being a stay-at- home mom for 9 years and loves it.  She enjoys meeting and speaking with all the patients and welcomes them with a smile. Katherine served in the US Navy for 7.5 years where she met her husband and left the active service to raise their 3 children.  She is an active member of her children’s elementary school PTA. In her free time, she enjoys crocheting, playing Bunco and being with her family.


Jason Wonder - Office Manager/Insurance Billing Specialist

Jason has served in the military, 4 years in the USMC and 7 years in the USCG as an active duty personal. He is currently serving in the USCG Reserves out of Station Seattle. He has recently entered the dental field to help support his wife, Dr. Wonder. He enjoys meeting with and talking to new people. He is a Washington native, but was given many opportunities to live in many places such as Hawaii, California and Connecticut. The military has taken him as far south as the Panama Canal, as far north as the Arctic Circle, and as far east as Malaysia! Because of his background, Jason wanted to give discounts to veterans who are receiving dental care in our office. Without the military, he wouldn't be where he is today. Without the military, he wouldn't have met his wife in Hawaii. He and Dr. Wonder have been married since 2005. They both love to just be in their pajamas and watch movies when they have free time. 


Gretchen Lund - Dental Assistant

Gretchen was born in Vancouver, WA, before moving to the Puget Sound 13 years ago. She started her journey as a Dental Assistant after graduating with an Associate of Arts Degree from Olympic College in 2018. During her academic years, Gretchen explored the art field, networking with local business owners and artists, as well as installing art murals within the Bremerton community. After 5 years of customer service and administrative experience, Gretchen became aware of the opportunities in dentistry and devoted her time to learning the trades of the industry alongside Dr. Wonder and her team. When she is not working, Gretchen enjoys drawing, reading, and attempting to master video games with her gamer boyfriend. Gretchen's overall goal is to help others and bring a smile to everyone's day. 

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