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Originally hailing from the scenic landscapes of southern Idaho, Heather's journey in dentistry began when she completed the dental assisting program at the College of Southern Idaho in 2007. Eager to deepen her knowledge, she embarked on her dental hygiene education at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah.


Fate took Heather to Madison, Wisconsin, where she completed her Dental Hygiene degree at Madison College, graduating with honors in 2014. The allure of the Pacific Northwest beckoned, and since 2015, Washington has been Heather's cherished home. 

At Wonder Family Dental & Dentures, Heather isn't just a dental hygienist; she's your partner in achieving optimal oral health. Devoting her time to building genuine relationships with her patients, Heather goes beyond routine cleanings. She coaches and collaborates with her patients, empowering them to attain and maintain a healthy, confident smile and sustainable overall health. 

Beyond the dental chair, Heather is dedicated to her family. Whether it's spending quality time with her husband, two boys, and labradoodle, crafting memorable family moments, or enjoying the outdoors, she finds joy in every moment.


Join Heather on a journey to a healthier, happier smile. At Wonder Family Dental & Dentures, your oral health is not just our expertise—it's our passion and priority.

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