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An underdeveloped jaw is characterized by sunken cheeks and a retracted lower jaw or a recessed chin. A person with a small jaw has little space for teeth, causing various malfunctions or dysfunctions, including pain, airway obstruction, etc. A common question people with underdeveloped jaw ask is whether there is a treatment option to fix it. The simple answer is yes. People with underdeveloped jaws undergo corrective surgery.


Although surgery is a good option to fix the jaw, it has various downsides. Surgery is invasive, requiring the surgeon to give the patient anesthesia, make incisions, and cut through the muscles to correct the law. For example, anesthesia can cause side effects, like chills, nausea, vomiting, and confusion for a few days. It may also affect your respiratory tract and cause a sore throat or fever. Downtime of corrective jaw surgery is prolonged and daunting, and the rehabilitation period requires the patient to stay in bed for a few weeks or months and experience discomfort, soreness, bruises, inflammation, and pain.


The good news is that advanced scientific research and cutting-edge technologies can prevent patients from undergoing corrective jaw surgery. One such treatment option is a Biomimetic oral device. Read on!


Problems with Underdeveloped Jaw

An underdeveloped jaw can reduce the size of your respiratory tract, negatively affect the throat muscles, and prevent the air from flowing correctly to the lungs. For instance, children with impaired jaws usually breathe through their mouths. Prolonged mouth breathing can cause chronic respiratory conditions, including TMJ, sleep apnea, crooked teeth, and poor aesthetical appearance. Immature lower and upper jaws can result in a recessed chin, mouth breathing, poorly defined jaw structure, overbites, and underbites.


According to Healthline, 10 million people in the United States have TMJ disorders. The condition is more common in female individuals. However, the good news is that TMJ is a treatable health condition. TMJ is a temporomandibular joint disorder that can cause chronic issues, including inflammation, swelling, and pain. Not only does TMJ cause biting issues among children and adults, but it also causes teeth erosion, insomnia, sleep apnea, stress, depression, and anxiety.


In addition, a 2016 research study shows that an underdeveloped jaw or micrognathia is a health condition characterized by a smaller lower jaw. It causes your tongue to fall backward and blocks the airway, causing severe obstruction in the throat. Micrognathia can also worsen symptoms of sleep apnea.


Biomimetic (Epigenetic) Oral Device for Underdeveloped Jaw

A biomimetic oral device is an advanced, non-surgical option for people with an underdeveloped jaw. It is a removable product or accessory that stretches the upper arches of your mouth, positions the teeth, and allows the air to flow safely, naturally, and painlessly. So, a Biomimetic, an epigenetic, oral device is an excellent way to reduce sleep apnea symptoms and decrease the risk of chronic health conditions.


One study shows that Biomimetic oral appliance therapy increases midfacial bone volume, making it a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective non-surgical treatment option for adults. In addition, the device differs from traditional mandibular advancement devices because it streamlines the nasal airway by redeveloping the midfacial structures and repositioning the mandibular. The purpose is to enhance the oropharyngeal airway.


Another research study highlights that Biomimetic oral devices can correct different types of malocclusions. It follows a cutting-edge epigenetic orthodontic mechanism and can treat various malocclusions, including Class II malocclusions in adolescents and teenagers.


The biomimetic oral device offers various benefits. Not only does it correct the deformed or underdeveloped jaw, but some studies show that it can address craniofacial issues in adults. A PubMed Study highlights that people with mild and moderate obstructive sleep apnea caused by an underdeveloped jaw can use a Biomimetic oral device to reduce symptoms of the condition. So, plenty of evidence proves the efficacy of this non-surgical treatment for problems caused by an underdeveloped jaw.

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