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Dr. Wonder is passionate about delivering excellent, efficient, and comfortable care to her patients. She will treat you like a family member and will offer her honest opinion regarding your care. Her smiles and laughs will definitely brighten up the room. She will do her best to make sure all her patients receive the best care possible by providing patient-centered, comprehensive care that is tailored to fit the lives of each patient.


One thing that makes many of our patients love Dr. Wonder is that she looks at the root causes of their oral and dental issues. She looks into why some patients present with cavities at every recall appointment, or why some patients grind their teeth even though stress isn't a factor, or why their gum bleed more than usual despite they are doing their best with home care. She focuses on the "why" by looking into your current medications and medical conditions as they can be linked to your existing oral and dental problems.

Away from the office, Dr. Wonder teaches English online to her students in Thailand. Dr. Wonder also loves volunteering. She is involved with Mission of Mercy and Medical Teams International that provide free dental care to the underserved populations. She had volunteered at the soup kitchen and other dental clinics that provide free care for veterans, women, and children. She has two Maltese dogs (Ike & Boba) and enjoys spending time with them, her husband and parents. The dogs come to work with her every day! When possible, she and her family would travel and they love experiencing different cultures and try different food. Outside of dentistry, her life is never boring! Dr. Wonder is always doing something! 

Dr. Wonder is an active member of the American Dental Association, Washington State Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Northwest Dental Alliance, and Kitsap Dental Society. 

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