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“We love her [Dr. Wonder] spirit and smile! She started working on our teeth and we were both amazed with her attention to detail. I have never see a dentist that loves dentistry as much as she does! She gets so excited when a plan comes together. We are looking forward for our visit with her every time. She is thorough, caring, detail-oriented, passionate and a joy to be around. She is and probably will always be our favorite!”

Jim & Maggie L. via Comment Card


“Dr. Wonder is doing dentistry with a true professional aplomb and with self-assurance, kindness, courtesy and her always effervescent personality. As an octogenarian, I can assure anyone listening that she is one of the finest dentists I have ever encountered. She has a bubbly personality and youthfulness that never quits, while always professionally tending to my dental needs, which seem to be never ending as I begin to close in on the century mark. Most importantly, she does so with kindness, tenderness and consideration, which is the most important given the frailty of an octogenarian.”

Peter D. via Comment Card


“This is by far the BEST dental facility I've been to. I'm proud to smile after the professionals here fixed my chipped tooth and a crown. They worked with my insurance company to get me the lowest out of pocket expenses.”

Bill M. via Facebook Review


“These people are totally awesome! I absolutely hate the dentist and have underlying fears.... They listened to me and understood me! They worked with me and I have been having work done there for over 2 years now!”

Staci F. via Facebook Review

“I have had several appointments with Dr. Wonder. She was always sensitive to the fact that I told her I can't stand pain and always made sure I was comfortable. She is excellent at what she does and always made me feel special. She gave me extra cleaning supplies to keep my dentures clean. She was very thorough at explaining everything to me. I feel that Dr. Wonder is a fabulous dentist because she gets along well with people and is very caring and considerate. I would highly recommend Dr. Wonder to anyone who needs dental work.”

Robert S. via Comment Card

"Dr Wonder did great work for both my wife and I. She is very caring and went out of her way to make sure we were comfortable. More importantly, she didn't try to "sell" us something we didn't need like we experienced at another Poulsbo dentist."

James V. via Google Review

"I first went to Anderson Dental over ten years ago for an upper denture & I was VERY happy with the work Bruce did. When my mother needed a partial I took her in & ir was the last day of Anderson & I was both surprised & concerned as I also needed some work. we met with Brittany & she convinced us to give them a try. She needed some dental work before the partial *& she was very pleased with that work. After that Brittany took impressions & delivered a partial for my mother. She needed one adjustment but is very pleased with everything. I also had her do a reline & was pleased after a minor adjustment. She also made a bottom partial for me. I need an adjustment but feel it will go fine.I am very pleased that they seem to be holding to Dr. Anderson's high standards."

Denny R. via Facebook Review

"I have seen Dr. Wonder twice now. First for cleaning, some x-rays and then to get one filling repaired and one small cavity fixed. I recommend her and was very impressed with her and all of the employees."

Terry H. via Yelp Review





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